3e colloque sur l’imagerie médicale à l’heure de l’intelligence artificielle – édition 2020

14 October 2020, Institut du Cerveau, Paris, France

Launched in 2018 at College de France, the idea for this conference came initially from a discussion between Pr Gérard Berry, Collège de France, and Dr. Francis Besse, Centre Cardiologique du Nord.


This conference is dedicated to algorithms in medicine. His two main areas of interest are the automatic analysis of medical images and the collection and analysis of large data, now made possible by the computerization of patient follow-up. The presentations will bring together researchers and industrials in imaging and data analysis with a particular focus on statistical learning techniques developed in the field of artificial intelligence, doctors discussing the medical contributions of these new methods, actors in the methods of collecting and exploiting large amounts of medical data, and lawyers concerned with the legal issues raised by all these subjects. The conference will conclude with an analysis of the transformations that will be brought to the radiologist’s profession, followed by a global discussion.

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You may consult the 2018 Program and the 2019 Program.

GEANT 2019 (GEstion et pArtage de données en NeuroinformaTique)

An INCF French node event on Data Management & Sharing in Neuroinformatics
21 may 2019, Faculty of Medecine, Marseille, France

The management of large and heterogeneous data has become essential for researchers interested in modelling and data analysis in neuroscience. Furthermore, both funder mandates and the requirements of multicentre studies and other collaborations impose a need to share and reuse data produced in humans and animals.

Organised by the INCF French node (International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility), the aim of the workshop is to discuss the needs, solutions and resources available to participants for data management and sharing, then to identify the roadblocks to be lifted and to consider solutions.

We encourage participants to contribute to the workshop and present concepts or solutions already implemented in their institution with a poster, a demo or a talk via the registration form on the following themes : Electrophysiology, Imaging Microscopy, Neuroimaging, Bioinformatics, Computer/Data Science. Please note the talks will be submitted to selection, depending on the program.

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NOW 2019 (Neuro OpenScience Workshop)
15 & 16 January 2019 at ICM


Focused on Open Science in the context of neurosciences, NOW2019 gathered nearly 200 participants from more than 10 countries.  The workshop unfolded over two days:

  • The first day was dedicated to plenary lectures covering a large range of topics: journals, data sharing, reproducibility as well as the socio-economics and philosophies of Open Science;
  • The second day allowed the participants to attend workshops on Open Science tools.

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More information on http://open-neuro.org