1.1- REDCap ICM, How to connect ?

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1.2 – All REDCap features overview




The REDCap consortium has provided an independent version of the EDC, and multiple server are hosted currently at the ICM :


ICM REDCap People

REDCap Admin & Data Manager


Training & Slides

The training schedule is available for ICM people here : https://neuroinformatics.icm-institute.org/training-program/

Training directory with all slides: https://owncloud.icm-institute.org/index.php/s/214kbeyMEFohgA5


Access request

Each server is independent and requires an access request ( available on the home page of each server ) :


Training server :   Use your ICM account

ICM Clinical production : https://is.gd/redcap_icm_request

CIC Clinical production : https://is.gd/redcap_cic_request





Account creation

Once your account requested, check your email (Also check the spam) and look for a REDCap Access Granted Email :

You will find your username and a link to create your password.


Answering the secret question

To be able to use the “Forgot password” functionality, make sure you answered the secret question.



1.2 – All REDCap features overview