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All REDCap features overview


Main strength overview



Project management


REDCap allows you to create independent project to manage your data collection.

All project are on the same server but all access are limited to the user that have been granted the access by the project admin.


Form creation


REDCap allows the creation of forms called “instruments“. They will contain the fields containing data.

They are used to regroup data fields by type or categories.

For instance all patient’s information will go in “patient” instrument. Standardized scale / score will also have independent forms.


Data Field creation


Inside these “instrument”, REDCap will allow you to create “Fields” for each type of data you want to collect.

For instance, to collect the date of the test, you will create a text field with a date validation on it.

This will greatly increase data quality and avoid errors during data collection.


Branching Logic


REDCap allows you to manage the sequence of fields you want to display based on other fields answers.

You will be able to hide in real time field part depending on the answers provided.

For instance, displaying maiden surname only if the patient is a woman.

Multi-type project


The flexibility of REDCap allows to you to create and handle many type of studies.

Small project, Medium study with survey, Large longitudinal study with multiple visit each year.


User Management


Each project has it’s own users. The same user can be attached to multiple project.

In each project, you will be able to give different rights to each user (Admin, Arc referent, Arc, read only,..)


Data Quality and Resolution Workflow


REDCap allows you to track the quality of your data using “data queries” which will return all data fields matching this “error data query“, raise this error in the Resolution Workflow, and attribute it to the matching user to correct.

For example, you will be able to query all fields with inconsistent date compared to another date. You will then be able to raise a data issue in the Data Resolution Workflow. The user who collected this data will have to comment or correct the mistake.

Testing and Production environment


REDCap includes a built-in system managing the development phase and the the transition to production.

The launch into production increases the security level on the real data.


Secure Multi-site Data collection


REDCap is a secure web-based application accessible from every where in the world for multi site project.

Every user must have an account and be logged in to be able to access your data, as describe in your DMP. Multiple type of access can be set depending on the user accreditation.




REDCap has a reporting tool. This tool is meant to help you track your data.

It is not a statistical tool nor data base query tool.

It is an easy to use, simple query interface to help you to sort and search in your data.




REDCap allows you to export all or part of your data to multiple format. Most common, export are CSV, R, SAS, SPSS.

You can export all your data or a specific report of data.


Data Dictionary


REDCap generates a CSV Data Dictionary for every project. It allows you to have a standard document that you can share to describe your project’s variables and structure (instruments, events, . This document can also be imported to other projects to copy its data structure.




The REDCap Codebook is an auto-generated documentation page describing all your project’s variables. You can export it as PDF  to share it as your project documentation.


PDF generation


REDCap includes multiple content that can be exported to PDF. Ready-to-print PDF eCRF forms, Codebook PDF or ready-to-print PDF data form compact of full data,…


Audit Log


REDCap also allows you to track every action perform on your project will the logging tool. For every action you will be able to see the time, the user, and the actions performed.




REDCap is a secure web based application. The ICM’s DSI is in charge of securing and backing up all data on the production’s server.

In the meantime, REDCap stores your Data Dictionary history for every modification in production, to be able to track and go back if needed.