2.1 – Start the Data collection in REDCap (Search patient)

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Data Entry



What is it ?

REDCap is a collaborative tool made to help collect good data during clinical studies.

If you are invited to join a study, you can start the data collection immediately.

ALWAYS check if the patient exists before creating a new one




Connect or Request an account


Make sure to choose the correct server !

2- REDCap ICM, Trainings & Connection


Access the project (ex: SPATAX)

Searching the patient or sample

Step 1


Step 2 :


Step 3 :

In the patient dashboard

After searching for the patient


Step 1 :  Double check if this is the correct patient and click on his ID (“HERE”) to access his dashboard


Step 2 :You can now see the visits of the patient (Baseline and Follow-up) and his/her Gene results


Step 3 : Start the collection form top to bottom. If you need a new column, click on “+Add new”

ALWAYS click on save between forms (at the bottom of every form)