3.2 – Create a field

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Create a field



What is it ?


A field is a data you want to collect (e.g : a text field called ‘Name’ for your patient’s name). Each of your instruments will contains fields.

REDCap includes multiple types of fields to help you collect good data !



First : Go inside the ‘Designer


Second : Choose the instrument


Third : Add a field and choose its type



Variables types


Text Field : Names, Dates, Email, Integer,..



Drop-down : List of names, symptoms,… ( ONE answer )

Radio button & CheckBoxes : Similar to drop-down

Other types : Please refer to REDCap’s documentation



Field creation other options


Label Customization : Size, colour, position,…


Action Tag & Ontologies :


@Action Tags : Examples


Ontologies : Standard list of values (Mostly English)