8- OMERO.parade

OMERO.parade is a metadata-mining plugin for OMERO.web. It enables access to the metadata of images in OMERO for plotting, display and filtering of images. Supported metadata includes number of ROIs, Key-Value pairs, and data stored in OMERO.tables. To learn how to use OMERO.parade, see the video below.  

7- OMERO.webtagging

OMERO.webtagging is a webapps which will allow user to automatically extract tags form the uploaded path of images. This function is appreciable if you have already a good and documented-annotated hierarchy of directories on you file system, to extract such us organisation and convert it to tags. OMERO Auto-Tagger automates the application of tags to … Continued

9- Contact-helpdesk

For any question regarding OMERO server or OMERO functions, please create a ticket using the GLPI system. OMERO category ‘05.3 – OMERO’ exists as a subclass of the ’05- Applications métier’.      

3- Tags dictionary in OMERO

1- A simplified and personalized OMERO data model (ODM) OMERO is based on complex and rich data model to implement objects and annotations following dedicated workflows. Most of them are captured automatically at the import or analysis workflows. User’s manual annotations are possible at each level to enrich and share the content. A complete data … Continued

5- OMERO.figure

OMERO.figure allows you to create, save and edit scientific figures using data from the OMERO server.   OMERO.figure main features: Opening OMERO.figure Adding images Creating your figure Adding labels, time series and extra rows Adding and editing ROIs Adding different file types and legends Paper Setup Configuring and saving your figure Figure Export   Below, … Continued

4- OMERO & ImageJ plugin

In order to connect to an OMERO server and use the data stored there directly in Fiji/mageJ, plugins have to be installed. The following instructions guide you through the download, installation and use of ImageJ, Fiji and the plugins. 1- Download the Omero-plugin for ImageJ/FIJI from https://github.com/ome/omero-insight/releases/download/v5.5.12/omero_ij-5.5.12-all.jar Warning: It is very important to get the … Continued

6- OMERO & Orbit

Orbit Image Analysis software (Actelion Pharmaceuticals Ltd) has been developed for whole slide image analysis. An open-source version has been released for common use under the GPL license. Orbit allows to automatize image analysis tasks that were previously exclusively performed manually by the scientist, such as counting cells, detecting and counting specific type of cells, … Continued

2- OMERO.iviewer

The Next Generation full image viewer Making use of the OpenLayers web-based technology (learn more), OMERO.iviewer gives you all the visualization, annotation and analysis functionality that was previously only available via the desktop OMERO.insight client. Now you can add ROIs and do basic image analysis right in your browser.     You can follow the  … Continued

1- Getting started

OMERO is a powerful microscopy images data management solution, handling all your images in a secure central repository. You can view, organize, analyze and share your data from anywhere you have internet access. It works with your images from a desktop app (Windows, Mac or Linux), from the web or from 3rd party software. Over … Continued