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REDCap External Modules


  • External modules list

You can find all the REDCap external modules here : https://redcap.vanderbiltAdvanced user.edu/consortium/modules/index.php


  • A selection of the bests External modules :
External module name Description Difficulty to use / 10 Documentation
Shazam This module allows you to create custom instrument layouts, similar to custom input matrixes. You can arrange drop-down, radio, input, and other fields into a custom html element and insert that into your instrument. It does require a little bit of HTML skill.

NB : In last version of REDCap, you can do similar things with Field Embedding

9 Shazam Wiki by ICM


Instant Field Concatenation This module concatenates fields and places the result in another field instantly. 1
Dynamic report push This module allows to automatically import a report into another project with the API. 6
Custom Template Engine REDCap module that allows you to create HTML templates and fill them with record data from your project. You can download the filled templates as a PDF.

This module works for classic, longitudinal, and multiple arm projects, and the last instances of repeatable events and instruments.

Data Resolution Workflow Tweaks Provides some enhancements to REDCap’s Data Resolution Workflow functionality, namely:

  • Adds a button to data entry forms that will do the “verified value” step for all fields not yet verified or queried.
  • CSV exports have all data in separate columns (rather than combining, for example, username and comments). This tweak has no effect from REDCap v9.5.1 when the separation of data into distinct columns was implemented as standard behaviour.
Form Render Skip Logic This REDCap module hides and shows instruments based on the values of REDCap form fields i.e. a branching logic for instruments. 2
Image Viewer A REDCap External Modules that provides a preview of images and PDFs in file upload fields and allows piping of such previews into labels of other fields. 1
Instance Select Action tags for unvalidated text fields that enable you to select a specific instance of a repeating form or event for the current record, or another record from the project. 3
Instance Table Use the action tag @INSTANCETABLE=form_name in a descriptive text field to include a table showing data from repeat instances of that form. 3
Orca Search Module A configurable, searchable, and performant, list dashboard.
Purpose : To enhance searching REDCap records. This module can also be used to create a custom list dashboard.
Disclaimer : This module does not yet support repeating events.
Pre-populate instruments When an empty instrument is displayed the module loads all previous event / instance data of this instrument. It shows a message above the instrument that the user should review the data and change it when necessary. 4
Simple Ontology Module This redcap external module allows the definition of a custom set of ‘ontologies’ which can be used to provide autocomplete functionality for a text field. Ontologies can be defined at a site or project level, and a default value can be specified to be returned if no match is found. 5
Second Language extension The Second Language EM supports multiple languages for REDCap forms. It is similar to Multilingual, but more basic and designer-friendly. 2
Mirror Master Data Mirror Master EM will migrate data from one project to another. Mirror Master supports repeated instances which allow splitting data from one project into multiple projects or multiple events in the same project. Also it supports Data Access Group DAG mapping to migrate master DAG record to a Child record based on user access. 4



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